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Hy-Lok has maintained the Nuclear Quality System in the past 20 years and Hy-Lok's Quality System Management is recognized through the acquisition of certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ASME, CE MARK, KEPIC etc... by Domestic / International authorized organizations.

business area

To achieve a continuous and powerful business foundation, Hy-Lok has been concentrating on the three major operations "Fittings", "Valves" and "Package Solution".

Hy-Lok is mainly focused on the development of independent technology to secure technical competitiveness, and create higher value-added profit. We will genuinely support our productivity, know-how and service to accomplish the maximum benefits of customer’s business.



Hy-Lok Fittings have been designed with great care to meet the specifications required for a wide range of applications in various industries and satisfied production standards.

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Hy-Lok Instrument Valves & Manifolds and Double Block Bleed & Piping Ball Valves have been highly recognized by customers through the safety, reliability and durability to meet the severe installation condition such as offshore and power plant.

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Package Solution

Hy-Lok has designed and manufactured customized Package Solution such as air manifolds, Air Piping Module for Train Brake System and Instrument Panel operated in power plant.

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Since its foundation in 1977, Hy-Lok has been unyieldingly maintaining its own route while keeping a leading position in the Fluid & Control System Industry in the world. Thanks to the long-term experience, Hy-Lok has supplied tubing system to the world instrumentation market including a variety of piping materials. With the practical experiences, Hy-Lok has perfectly performed as a turnkey business from the an essential technique of Fluid & Control System to workmanship for installation in all industrial areas in the world. A great stock of knowledge on the accumulated technical background will be supplied to the customers.

It is said that modern society is the society of Technology and Information. As a specialist in the Fluid & Control System Industry, Hy-Lok is making the utmost efforts to supply better technology and service to customers.