The aerospace industry involves a number of critical areas such as aircraft, rocket, ground vehicles, radar systems, and transportation and safety management. All equipment and components used in the aerospace industry require strict adherence to highly specialized aerospace standards.

Our product offerings include tube and pipe fittings to a number of precision valves such as check and vent/relief valve to be used for rocket thruster engine, hoses and inline filters. Our valves and fittings are constructed from materials and special materials such as stainless steel, Nickel alloy and Non-ferrous metal etc., and engineered with robust features and advanced designs. These products are well suited for the extreme conditions that aerospace applications encounter.

Our product lines contain high-quality equipment, priced at a competitive level, to offer you the best valve and fitting solutions for every project.

Our Fitting and Valve used in aerospace industries will give you a guarantee in terms of preciseness and durability.

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