We carefully select only the highest grades of raw material and have a full material and heat code traceability system. Fittings are cleaned, sanitized, and electro-polished before being packed in a level 10 clean room. Our fittings can be found in the most sensitive manufacturing environments including semiconductor component, chip, and wafer manufacturing facilities.

Our products are designed to perform efficiently in a variety of harsh environments while handling a number of toxic materials. These include poisonous elements such as arsenic and phosphorus, poisonous compounds such as silane and arsine, and liquids with high reactivity such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

We control the manufacturing process from material selection to assembly and packaging, and distribute our own products. Complete control over the supply chain allows us to provide the highest quality products and customer service.

We don’t just sell the product.
We are the designers, the engineers, and the fabricators.

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